Resubscribing Districts

The following information pertains to Education Service Centers onlyThese instructions apply to districts that once had a TEKS Resource System (TEKS RS) subscription, did not renew for a period of time, and have since decided to subscribe again.


1.) If you are unsure if a district is a brand new subscriber or already exists in the system (but is disabled) due to a past subscription, please contact Justin Simet (Educational Systems Coordinator) to check for you. You may also run a Number of Logins Report as a reference guide since it includes every district that has ever belonged to your Region (both past and present). See the Generating an ESC District Report support guide for details.


District Change Request Form:

2.) Complete the request form the same as you would for a brand new district; however, select “Enable District” and “Enable Campus” for the Action field.

3.) Be sure to include each separate campus that needs to be re-enabled.

4.) Include any Campus Admins that need to be assigned since the Campus Admin information in the system may be outdated.


After the District Has Been Re-Enabled:

5.) Once a district and its campuses have been reactivated in the system, the user account statuses will mirror how they appeared on the day the district was originally disabled. In other words, any accounts that had the enabled status just prior to the district’s deactivation will once again be enabled when the district gets turned back on. Likewise, accounts that had the disabled status before the district deactivation occurred will remain disabled when the district is turned back on.

6.) After the reactivation, a District User Admin should update the user accounts by performing the following in the Account Administration section of the site:

a. Run a Bulk Upload to both add new users that joined the district while it lacked a subscription and to edit existing users’ account information (name, email address, and campus) that may be outdated.

b. Run a Bulk Update after the Bulk Upload in order to deactivate any users that left the district during the time period that it lacked a subscription.

c. For guidance on either of the processes above, see the Bulk Upload and Bulk Update support guides.

7.) Typically, a returning district will communicate to its staff (outside of the system) that they once again have access to TEKS RS. The district should also inform the staff that they can use the “Forgot Password” feature on the login page, or they may contact the TEKS RS Tech Support Help Desk if they can’t recall their login credentials.

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