Submit Feedback On Assessment Items

Just as on any TCMPC component in the system (i.e. IFD, YAG, etc.), users can send feedback if they come across inconsistencies or inaccuracies in the question or answer(s) on any TEKS Resource System assessment item. Note that the Submit Feedback feature is only available for TEKS RS items and does not apply to district-created or user-created items.

SITE ACCESS: TEKS Resource System Components > Assessment Center > Search/Edit Assessment Items


Select the Search/Edit option in the Assessment Items section of the Assessment Center landing page.

the assessment items section of the assessment center landing page with an arrow pointing to the search / edit option


You can find the Submit Feedback feature within the Options menu located on any assessment item in the search results list (including when building an assessment). 

a sample assessment item in the search results list with an outline around its associated options button and an arrow pointing to the submit feedback option


In addition, the Submit Feedback tool can also be accessed in the toolbar associated with each item that has been placed on an assessment.  

a sample assessment item from an assessment with an arrow pointing to the submit feedback icon


After clicking Submit Feedback, the feedback form will display. The user information, Grade/Subject or Course, and Component Type will all be pre-populated based on the item's associated information.

the submit feedback window with an outline around the pre populated text entry fields

Select the appropriate Feedback Type.

the feedback type drop down menu with an arrow pointing to the content or alignment option

Type your comments into the provided Feedback/Comments box. Click the Submit button to send this feedback to the TEKS Resource System content team for review. They will review your feedback, make any necessary changes, and respond accordingly.

the feedback / comments text entry field with sample text and an arrow pointing to the submit button

NOTE: For questions surrounding TEKS RS items that have been modified by a district (i.e., Modified is appended to item title), please contact your District Content Admin directly in order for them to provide the rationale. The TEKS Resource System content teams are not responsible for assessment items that have been modified by district users.

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