How do I collaborate on assessments with other users?

To collaborate on an assessment with other users in your district, click on TEKS Resource System Components in the main site navigation menu and select Assessment Center. Click on Search/Edit Assessments and select My Assessments. Use the search filters to locate the desired assessment, click the Options button associated with it, and select Collaborate

Next, select the collaboration group you wish to share the assessment with. If you need to create a new collaboration group, click New Group, give the group a name, search for the individuals you wish to add, and click Save. Once you are done, select the new group from the drop-down and click Save Selection. Group members will be notified via email that they now have access to the assessment. 

If the Collaborate option is not available to you, it means your district does not have the collaboration feature turned on. Therefore, please contact your TRS District Administrator.

Please be aware that collaborating with other users allows all members of the group to equally share the editing privileges of an assessment. It is possible to accidentally overwrite other members' edits, and if one member deletes the assessment it will be deleted for all other group members. Therefore, communication among the collaboration group is strongly encouraged.

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