Review Plans and Calendars

Authorized individuals have the ability to review the plans and calendars for staff at the campus or campuses within the district. This review process is managed through the Principal Center tool on the System Management page.


SITE ACCESS: System Management > Principal Center


Click on the System Management drop-down in the site's main navigation menu, and select the Principal Center option.


This will take you to the landing page for the Principal Center where you will first need to make some selections before you can review teachers’ plans or calendars.

District-level users will need to first Select a Campus before selecting the teacher whose plans s/he would like to review.


NOTE: Campus-level users with the Principal role will only need to select the teacher (Instructor).

After selecting the campus, Select an Instructor from the drop-down menu.



After selecting the Instructor, select the Resource Type of Plan or Calendar Planbooks from the drop-down menu.

If either is selected, the next drop-down list will then populate with the titles of the  plans or calendars that teacher has marked Ready for Review.


Select a plan title from the drop-down list and click Submit.

NOTE: Teachers must mark plans and calendars as ready for review in order for the administrators to see them in this list!


The plan will then open with a place for the reviewer to type in comments and mark the plan as reviewed. 

Once the administrator clicks Save, the comments and indicator that the plan has been reviewed will be available to the teacher who created the plan.


The Instructor will go to the District Resources tab, and select Design Templates. There will be an icon in the Notes Column to indicate that the plan has been reviewed.


The teacher can click on the icon to preview the comments.


Summary of Lessons or Calendar Planbooks Reviewed in Principal Center

Administrators can also view a list of all plans and calendar planbooks they have commented on or reviewed.

On the landing page for the Principal Center, click on the link that reads: Click here to view a list of the plans you have reviewed to date.  



This will show a list of all plans that have been reviewed to date.  The list shows the plan title, teacher who created the plan, the date the plan was reviewed by the administrator, and the comment provided. 

There is also an Options column so that administrators can preview the plan from here, or can generate a printer friendly version of the plan.

A similar list will be displayed if the 'Click here to view a list of planbooks you have reviewed to date' link is selected. 

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