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Occasionally, principals or administrators within a district will observe staff teaching part of a unit (IFD). To help facilitate this observation, a form is available that provides specific unit information as well as identifies curriculum & instruction targets used in evaluating staff.

Users with the role of Principal are able to generate a Walkthrough form selecting any of the teachers within their district or campus. All other users can generate a Walkthrough form for their own personal use.


SITE ACCESS: Tools > Walkthrough Tool


Click on the Tools drop-down in the site's main navigation menu, and select the Walkthrough Tool option.



Use the drop-down menu to Select a Campus.



Once the campus is selected, you can use the drop-down to Select an Instructor.



Use the drop-downs to select the grade and the subject area or course (if High School).



You will then be able to select the IFD you would like to use to generate the TEKS, Performance Indicators, Concepts, and Key Understandings on the Walkthrough Form.

Please Note: The list of IFDs includes both TCMPC IFDs and any IFDs that the instructor you selected may have customized using the Create My Version button on the original TCMPC IFD.



Once you select the IFD, click Submit.  The Walkthrough Form will generate.

The Walkthrough Form will include:

  • Performance Indicators, Concepts, and Key Understandings for the selected IFD;
  • TEKS/Process TEKS and English Language Proficiency Standards for the selected IFD;
  • Walkthrough Checklist.








You can create a Printer-Friendly Version of the Form or add it to your Favorites for easy access at a later time.

To generate a PDF version of the Form, click on the Printer-Friendly Version button in the upper-right section of the form to generate a PDF version of the Walkthrough Form to print.



This will open a pop-up window that allows you to select if you want to generate a PDF with all parts of the Walkthrough Form (PIs, Concepts, Key Understandings, TEKS, and the Checklist) or you can select specific parts (i.e., just the Walkthrough Checklist) to be included in the PDF version.


The sections that are checked will be included in the PDF.


Click Print to create the PDF version of the Walkthrough Form.

Click Add to My Favorites in the upper-right hand corner of the Form to add the Walkthrough Form to your favorites in the District Tools section of the site.



Use the Back button in the upper-right corner to return to the main page for the Walkthrough Tool.


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