Add a Bookmark

Users can bookmark external web pages or sites and store in the system for quick access. These bookmarks can then be pulled into user-created content such as plans, IFDs, and assessments.

SITE ACCESS: Tools > My Favorites


Select the folder you would like to add the bookmark to.

the my folders section of the my favorites page with an arrow pointing to the my bookmarks folder


Click the Folder Options button and select Add Bookmark from the drop-down menu.

the My Favorites list with an outline around the folder options button and an arrow pointing to the add bookmark option


In the Add Bookmark window, enter a Title for the bookmark, enter (or paste in) the URL for the website, and enter a Description for the bookmark (optional). Click the Change Folder option if you wish to change the location where the bookmark will be saved. Click the Save button when you are done.

the add bookmark window with an outline around the text entry fields including title, u r l, and description with an arrow pointing to the save button


Within the selected folder, click the link to the added bookmark. The website will open in a new tab within your browser.

the my folders section with an outline around the my bookmarks folder and an arrow pointing to a sample hyperlinked bookmark 


To make modifications to the bookmark, click the Options button associated with it and select Edit. Select Delete if you wish to remove the bookmark entirely.

the my bookmarks list with an outline around the options button associated with a sample bookmark and an arrow pointing to the edit option

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