Manage Webpages

Users can edit or delete any webpage created, using the options within the Website Builder tool.

SITE ACCESS: Tools > Website Builder


From the Website Builder landing page, locate the Home Page. Click on the Options button, and then click Edit.



The rich-text editor will open.You can use the editor, which functions very similar to a word processor, to enter text, hyperlinks, and graphics that will appear on a Page. Advanced users who know HTML code can also enter and edit code using the rich-text editor.

The Home Page is the main page of the Website, which initially contains a default welcome message for parents and students.



You can now edit the message and/or add additional content to the Home Page.  Use the Add from My Favorites button to add links to items or bookmarks stored in your Favorites.   Inserted files, bookmarks to web sites, or bookmarks to items within the system will appear as hyperlinks. 

Be sure that Show this page on your website menu? is checked so that this course will display on your site’s menu on the Website Builder tab.



Check Make this page available online? to have this webpage visible to people who visit your Website



Once you have made all changes, click Save.

Once you have checked the box to make the webpage available online, the Home Page title will appear in a bolder font and will display an Online indicator. 



To delete a webpage locate the Page you wish to delete, and then click Delete from the Options menu.

Note: You are only able to delete pages that you have created.  Default pages such as the Home Page, News & Announcements, and Contact Me cannot be deleted.  If the Webpage you are deleting has a Sub-Page connected to it, the Sub-Page will also be deleted.



Click OK.  The Webpage will be removed from the list underneath My Website Pages.

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