Create An Assessment: Introduction

Users may create their own assessment using assessment items from the item bank(s) that the district has allowed access to.

SITE ACCESS: TEKS Resource System Components > Assessment Center > Create Assessment

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Create an Assessment


To begin creating a new assessment, select the Create option in the Assessments section of the Assessment Center landing page.



The Assessment Creator/Editor page has three expandable/collapsible sections: Assessment Information, Instructions (optional), and Assessment Items. The old Additional Questions section has been replaced with new functionality. Users may still access information entered in this section on a previously created assessment in order to create the item as part of his/her item bank, or the information may be deleted.



Update/customize the assessment Title. Select the required Grade and Subject fields (as well as Course and Course Version, if applicable).


Select a multiple choice Lettering Option for the assessment - ABCD/FGHJ is selected by default, but can be changed to ABCD.


Next, select the Font Size for your assessment, using the drop-down selector in the floating toolbar at the top of the page.


NOTE: if you are unsure of the font size recommended for each grade level, click the “?” icon next to the font selector. This will display the STAAR recommended font sizes.


If you would like to add Student and Teacher Instructions to your assessment, click the Instructions bar to expand this section and enter your information.




NOTE: If you do not wish to see instructions on the assessment, leave these fields blank and they will be hidden from the dynamic view and the print version of the assessment.


Click the Save button at the top of the page.



See the Create an Assessment: Adding Items support guide for the next set of steps.

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