Edit Items On An Assessment

To further customize their assessments, users have the capability to modify the assessment items added to an assessment.


TEKS Resource System Components > Assessment Center > Search/Edit Assessments > Options > Edit

TEKS Resource System Components > Assessment Center > Create an Assessment


Once items have been added to the assessment, you can modify, move, or delete them using the toolbar located beneath each item.



To move an item up or down in the assessment order, click and hold the stacked dots icon to the left of the assessment item title, and drag and drop the item in the desired location.



Alternatively, click the Up or Down arrow icons to shift the item one spot at a time.



To view the entire answer to an assessment item, click the View Answers box.


If a rubric exists for the assessment item, it will also be displayed if the View Answers box is clicked.


To view the standards associated with the assessment item, click the View Standards (stacked lines) icon. To view the full standard text, hover the cursor over the standard number, or click on it to open a new page that will display it within the standards section of the site.



To format the way in which the item displays on the assessment, click the Format Item (gear) icon.


For Multiple Choice assessment items only, select the desired Multiple Select Option Layout by clicking the appropriate radio button. The multiple choice options on the assessment can be displayed in a single column or double columns, as seen below (which can help to save space on an assessment).



Select the desired Page Break by clicking the appropriate radio button. This allows for the item to display by itself on a page (on the assessment).


Select the desired Spacing Below by clicking the appropriate radio button. This will add extra space between this item and the next on an assessment.



To edit the item for this particular assessment, click the Edit Item (pencil) icon. You may edit all of the applicable fields of the assessment item on the Assessment Item Creator/Editor page. When you edit a TCMPC item here, you will be making a modified version that is disconnected from the TCMPC item bank. As such, this modified version will not receive any subsequent updates. 


Note that the assessment item will only be altered for this particular assessment and will not be updated in the respective assessment bank. Alternatively, you can create your very own custom assessment item, or create a version of an existing item that will be saved to the My Created Items bank. Please see the “Create an Assessment Item” and/or “Search/Edit Assessment Items” Help sections for further information.


To remove an item from the assessment, click the Delete Item (trash can) icon.



A red District Assessment Item Flag located on an assessment item’s toolbar indicates that it currently exists on a published district-created assessment. Clicking the flag icon displays the name of the published district assessment (click the name to view it).



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