Create An Assessment: Creating An Item

In the midst of creating an assessment, users can create their own customized Unit Assessment Item or Formative Item.

SITE ACCESS: TEKS Resource System Components > Assessment Center > Create an Assessment > Add Assessment Item > Create


Click the Add Assessment Item button at the top of the Assessment Creator/Editor page and select Create.



Note that the title of your assessment is shown at the top of the page. If you wish to return to the assessment at any point prior to finalizing the item, click the Save and Return to Assessment button.



To leave the item and assessment entirely, click the Return to Assessment Center button.



* For further information regarding how to complete the item creation process, please see the Create an Assessment Item support section for the next set of steps.


Upon hitting the Complete button at the end of the item creation process, your item will be added to your My Created Items collection, you will be returned to the assessment in progress, and the item will be added to the assessment.




Click the Save button at the top of the assessment.



To locate and/or edit the item later on, select the Search/Edit option in the Assessment Items section of the Assessment Center landing page.



Perform a search of the My Created Items collection using the appropriate filters.


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