Submit Assessment Items for Review

Users may submit their customized assessment items to their District Content Admins through the Search/Edit Assessment Items page for one of two purposes:

1. Seek feedback from Admin(s)

2. Allow Admin(s) to publish assessment items to District Item Collection (to share with all district users)

NOTE: The district has the ability to control whether the Submit for Review feature is accessible or not. Also, when a submitted assessment item has been added to the District Item Collection by an Admin, a copy is created and any future edits made by the original author are independent of the separate district version. 


SITE ACCESS: Components > TEKS RS Assessment Center > Search/Edit Assessment Items > My Created Items


Click on the Components drop-down in the site's main navigation menu and select the TEKS RS Assessment Center option. 

opened components navigation drop down with an arrow pointing to the teks r s assessment center option

Select the Search/Edit option in the Assessment Items section of the Assessment Center landing page.

assessment items section of the assessment center landing page with an arrow pointing to the search / edit option


Use the search filters to locate the desired assessment item that you would like to submit for review. Be sure to select My Created Items as the only Collection option. For further details about using the filters, see the associated Search/Edit District Assessment Items support guide. 

assessment item search filter menu with an arrow pointing to the my created items option


Your assessment items will be displayed in the search results area. 

search / edit assessment item search results section with a sample item displayed


Click the Options button associated with the desired assessment item and select Submit for District Review

opened options button drop down menu with the submit for district review option outlined


Alternatively, you may submit an item from the Assessment Item Creator/Editor page. After creating a brand new assessment item, click the Submit for District Review button at the bottom of the page in the Complete section.

complete section at the bottom of the assessment item creator / editor page of a sample item with an arrow pointing to the submit for district review option


After submitting an assessment item for review, the District Content Admin(s) will then be able to view the item and either provide feedback or add it to the District Item Collection. The assessment item's status will change to Under Review.

outline around the under review label associated with a sample assessment item on the search / edit assessment items page


If you wish to retract the submission at any time, click the Options button associated with the assessment item and select Remove from Review

opened options button drop down menu with the remove from review option outlined


If the Admin elects to provide feedback, an email containing comments will be sent to the email address associated with your TEKS RS account. A direct link to the given assessment item will be provided in the email. You may make any requested updates and re-submit the item for additional review if needed/required.

system generated email with a sample feedback message containing a hyperlink to the sample assessment item itself


If the Admin elects to add the assessment item to the District Item Collection, a new copy of the item will be created that can be published and viewed by all users throughout the district. Note that the District Content Admin will be the sole author of the district version of the item. Any changes you make to your original version will not be reflected in the district copy.

system generated email with a message explaining that a copy of the assessment item has been added to the district item collection


To locate the district version of the assessment item once it has been published, select the District Collection filter on the Search/Edit Assessment Items page, along with any other applicable search criteria. 

assessment item search filter menu with the district collection option outlined

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