Search/Edit Assessment Items: Create My Version

If the district has turned Create My Version ON for any of the following categories, users will have access to the correlating functionality: TEKS RS Unit Assessment Items, TEKS RS Formative Items, District Unit Assessment Items, and District Formative Items.

SITE ACCESS: TEKS Resource System Components > Assessment Center > Search/Edit Assessment Items > Perform Search > Options > Create My Version


1.) Assessment Item > Create My Version

2.) Item Asset > Create My Version


To locate and create your own version of existing TEKS RS and/or district assessment items, select the Search/Edit option in the Assessment Items section of the Assessment Center landing page.



Perform a search for the desired assessment items by selecting the appropriate search filters (see the Search and Manage Assessment Items support guide for further assistance). You may only create a version of assessment items belonging to the TEKS RS and/or District collection.



To create a custom copy of an assessment item displayed in the search results, click the Options button and select Create My Version. This new item will be housed in the My Created Items collection.


Note: When you elect to create a version of a TEKS RS or District item, you will be making a modified copy that is disconnected from the original item collection. As such, this modified version will not receive any subsequent updates. 


To update the title of the My Version item, enter text into the Name field. 


Note that all My Version items receive a system-generated tag appended to the title, which cannot be altered.


Next, update any item fields that you wish to change. For further information, please see the Create an Assessment Item support section.




To create a custom copy of an Item Asset or one of its associated items, click the Options button and select Create My Version. Please note that in order to create your own version of an associated item, you must also make your own version of the Item Asset (though you may elect not to alter it).


Make adjustments to any of the desired item fields and click the Save button. If you only wish to edit the Item Asset, click the Complete button at the bottom of the page after you have finished making changes.


If you do not wish to update any of the Item Asset fields but would like to edit one of the items associated with the Asset, scroll to the bottom of the Content section and click the Item to Item Asset Relationship bar.


The items that are linked to the Item Asset will be listed within the Existing Related Items section. To delete any of them, click the Remove Item button.


To modify any of the associated assessment items, click the Edit button.



On the Assessment Item Creator/Editor page, make adjustments to any of the desired item fields and click Save. You then have the following options depending on what you wish to do next:

  • Click the Back to Search button to return to your item search results
  • Click the expandable Item to Item Asset Relationship bar and click the Edit button to return to editing the Item Asset
  • Click the Complete button when you are done making changes, which will return you to the Assessment Center landing page
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