Add a Note

After creating a calendar, users can add notes to a specific date or date range within the calendar.

SITE ACCESS: Tools > My Calendar


Locate the existing desired calendar you wish to add a note to, click the Options button, and select View.


Go to the period or subject on your calendar where the note will be added and click the Add a Note button in the left column.


Enter the begin/end dates and title, and select a color for the note (optional).


When clicking the date field, select the date from the calendar pop-up.


After completing these options, type in a Description for the Note.


If you'd like to link to a resource in your My Favorites folder, use the Add From My Favorites option in the toolbar.


Click Save after confirming your entries.



After clicking Save, the note appears on the calendar dates selected. To read the description of the note, click the title.


To Edit or Delete the note, click the Options button to the right of the note.

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