Create a Calendar

Users can create an online calendar, or planbook, to track what is being taught during specified dates.

SITE ACCESS: Tools > My Calendar


Click on the Tools drop-down in the site's main navigation menu, and select the My Calendar option.



To create a calendar, click the Create New Calendar button. 



Type in a name for your calendar and set the start and end dates by selecting dates on the calendar.  You may also select the number of subjects/periods that you would like to appear on your calendar, as well as a day or week view of your calendar.  

Click the Save Calendar button to save your calendar.

You can click OK at this point to create your calendar.


If you'd like to start adding content to your calendar, click the link within the pop-up window.  


Next Steps...

Next, you'll want to add content to your calendar that shows what you will be covering during the designated time frame. This can include IFDs and plans, as well as resources.

To learn more about adding content to your calendar, please see the Adding Content support guide.

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