Add a Recurring Item

After creating a calendar, users can add weekly or monthly recurring events to a specific day throughout a set date range (i.e. unit, marking period, entire year, etc.).

SITE ACCESS: Tools > My Calendar


Locate the existing desired calendar you wish to add a recurring item to, click the Options button, and select View.


Go to the period or subject on your calendar where the note will be added and click the Add a Recurring Item button in the left column.


Set the date range for the recurring item, and enter a title. In this example, the date range is the duration of first six weeks calendar.


Next, select a weekly or monthly frequency from the Occurs drop-down.


If Weekly is chosen, select the day of the week from the On drop-down.


If Monthly is chosen, select either the specific date or the day in a specific week the item will take place.


Once the frequency has been established, type in a Description for the item.

If you'd like to link to a resource in your My Favorites folder, use the Add From My Favorites option on the toolbar.

When the information is complete, click Save.


The item will appear on the designated day in the calendar view. Click the title to open the item.


If you'd like to edit the Title or Description of the item, click the Options button and select Edit.

NOTE: when editing an recurring item, you can only update the title and description - you cannot change the date range for the item. You must remove the item and create a new one.


If you'd like to remove the item from the calendar, click the Options button and select Remove.

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