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Before viewing overall Check for Understanding (CFU) results data, you will need to administer multiple CFU instances. For guidance with creating a new CFU, please see the Create a New Check for Understanding support guide.

Please note this feature is intended as a formative method of assessment to help drive instruction and is not meant as a means for collecting grades for individual students. CFUs can be administered throughout the course of a unit, used as an "Exit Slip", or given as a unit pre-test to gauge students' prior knowledge.


SITE ACCESS: TEKS Resource System Components > Assessment Center > Check for Understanding > Analysis Overview

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Assessment Analysis Overview


On the Assessment Center landing page, select the Analysis Overview option under the Check for Understanding section.

assessment center landing page displaying the check for understanding section with an arrow pointing to the analysis overview hyperlink option


The Assessment Analysis Overview section displays each of your assessments that have Checks for Understanding (CFUs) associated with them. This page provides broad data to examine general patterns based on the performance of all your students, instead of separate groups. It also gives a quick glimpse in determining which of your assessments have been administered as a CFU. 


If you wish to narrow the results, use the search filters provided. 

a. Enter a keyword, phrase, or assessment title in the Keyword Search.

assessment analysis search filter section displaying the optional keyword search field

b. Select the desired Grade Level and Subject Area or Course that correspond with the assessment of interest.

assessment analysis search filter section displaying the optional grade level and course drop down search filters

assessment analysis search filter section displaying the optional subject area and course version drop down search filters

c. Click the Search button to perform the search, or select Reset Search to clear the selections.

assessment analysis search filter section displaying the search and reset buttons


The results section includes the title of each assessment, the total number of respondents that completed the assessment, the class average/overall performance, the assessment's total number of questions, and the most frequently utilized standards on the assessment.

assessment search results section of assessment analysis overview page

The key above the results table indicates the standard type of the Frequently Used Standards.

assessed standard type key displayed above the assessment search results section

assessment search results section displaying the frequently used standards column with an arrow pointing to a sample hyperlinked standard

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