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A Check for Understanding (CFU) is an online questionnaire for students to enter their responses and provide teachers with aggregate class data to broadly track student comprehension. This feature is intended as a formative method of assessment to help drive instruction and is not meant as a means for collecting grades for individual students. A CFU is created using a regular assessment from the Assessment Center and is shared with students via a web link. CFUs can be administered throughout the course of a unit, used as an "Exit Slip", or given as a unit pre-test to gauge students' prior knowledge.


NOTE: The district has the ability to control whether the Check for Understanding feature can be accessed or not. Please contact your District Content Admin if you have any questions about this.

SITE ACCESS: TEKS Resource System Components > Assessment Center


- Purpose of a Check for Understanding

- Access Check for Understanding Tool


The Check for Understanding section allows teachers to create, modify, and track CFUs, as well as examine data trends and review which standards have been addressed overall. For even greater customization, teachers may create their own assessment items in the Assessment Center as part of their My Created Items collection. These can then be added to an assessment that a teacher would like to administer as a CFU. For additional details, please see the associated Create an Assessment Item support guides.


Click on the TEKS Resource System Components drop-down in the site's main navigation menu and select the Assessment Center option. 

main site navigation with teks resource system components menu opened and an arrow pointing to the assessment center option


Locate the Check for Understanding section on the Assessment Center landing page and select your desired option.

assessment center landing page displaying the check for understanding section with an outline around the hyperlink options including create / view, analysis overview, and standards addressed

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