Access the District Assessment Center

REQUIRED ROLE: District Content Admin or District Content Creator

SITE ACCESS: System Management > District Content > District Assessment Center

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Accessing District Assessment Center Tool


To access the District Assessment Center landing page, click on the System Management drop-down in the site's main navigation menu and select the District Content option.


Click on District Assessment Center option in the sub-menu.




Select which area of the District Assessment Center you wish to work in.

1.) Create an Assessment: Generate a brand new district assessment.

2.) Create an Assessment Item: Generate entirely new district items from scratch.

3.) Search/Edit Assessments: Locate existing district assessments that were previously created.

4.) Search/Edit Assessment Items: Locate and edit items in the District bank and/or create versions of existing items.

5.) District Assessment Item Review (District Content Admins only): Locate, review, and publish (or provide feedback on) assessment items generated by content creators.



See the District Assessment Center support guide for further details about each category.

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