Add a District Resource

Any resource a district currently shares outside of the system can be uploaded and published for district use through the District Resources tab.

Resource file types can include: Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, image, video, or audio.

REQUIRED ROLE: District Content Admin

SITE ACCESS: System Management > District Resources


From the District Resources page, select the folder you'd like to add files to.


Click the Add District Resource button.


A pop-up appears with the selected folder populated.


If you inadvertently selected the wrong folder, you can change it by clicking the drop-down to select from the list of existing folders.

NOTE: this folder list displays ALL folders, in alphabetical order, regardless of how they've been organized. There may be identical-named folders.


After confirming your folder, click the Browse button to select a file from your computer to upload.


Once the file has been selected, the name of the file will appear next to the Browse button.


Because multi-select capability is not available for this dialog (i.e. selecting multiple files at once), you must select the Add New File button to continue adding files to the same folder.

This opens up another Browse dialog to select a new file from your computer.


Click Save to upload your file(s).


After you've clicked Save to upload the file(s), it/they will then appear in the selected folder.

NOTE: when files are first added to a folder, they are in Draft status and not yet available to district users. Items must be published to be made available to district users.


For details about publishing uploaded resources, see the Publishing District Resources support guide.

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