Organize Folders

Folders maintained in the District Resources section can have sub-folders added to them, or they can be moved around using the drag-and-drop feature.

REQUIRED ROLE: District Content Admin

SITE ACCESS: System Management > District Resources


To create a sub-folder within an existing folder in District Resources, select the folder where you would like the sub-folder to appear.

Once you've selected the folder, click the Selected Folder Options button to the right and select Add Sub-Folder.



Enter a title for the sub-folder, and click Save. The parent folder is displayed for


A plus (+) button will appear to the left of the main folder to indicate that there is a sub-folder. 



Click the plus (+) button to expand and show the sub-folder(s).



You can also drag and drop folders to create sub-folders.

For example, we created a new folder called “Quizzes.”



To move the Quizzes folder to the 1st Six Weeks – Math Grade 2 folder, simply click on the Quizzes folder and drag it up onto the 1st Six Weeks – Math Grade 2 folder.


When we drop it on the 1st Six Weeks folder, it will disappear from where it was previously in the folder list and the 1st Six Weeks folder will remain collapsed with the plus (+) sign in front of it.

Click on the plus sign to see the Quizzes folder as a sub-folder in the 1st Six Weeks- Math Grade 2 folder.



Once multiple folders and sub-folders have been added, the folder titles may sometimes extend to the right and out of view within the folder column.

We have implemented a slider panel feature that allows users to easily read the titles of long folder names.

Click on the arrow in the bar that separates the folder listings from the file listings.



When you click on the arrow, it will slide out the folder list panel so that you can easily read all the titles of the folders.


To return to the normal view, simply click on the arrow again and the panel will collapse so that you can easily see both the folder and file listings.

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