Add a District Folder

Authorized individuals can create folders within the District Resources admin tool.

REQUIRED ROLE: District Content Admin

SITE ACCESS: System Management > District Resources


In order to upload files to the District Resources section, at least one district folder must be added to the root Resources Folder. On the District Resources landing page, click the Add Folder button in the upper, left corner.


Enter a Folder Name and click Save.


A confirmation pop-up will appear, indicating the folder was successfully created.


The folder is then displayed in the left column, under the root Resources Folder.

Once a district folder has been set up, the Add District Resource option button appears and files can be uploaded to the folder.

Alternately, you can continue adding all district folders and sub folders before beginning the file upload process.


For details about adding sub folders, see the associated Creating-Sub Folders support guide.

For details about adding files to the district folders, see the associated Adding A District Resource support guide.

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