Create Sub-Folders

Authorized users have the ability to create sub-folders for each of the main district folders added to District Resources. This provides flexibility in organizing district files for users to easily access.

REQUIRED ROLE: District Content Admin

SITE ACCESS: System Management > District Resources


On the District Resources page, click on the main folder you'd like to add a sub-folder to.


Click the Selected Folder Options button, and select Add Sub Folder.


In the pop-up, enter a Sub Folder Name and click Save.


A confirmation will appear, indicating the folder was successfully created.


The sub-folder now appears when expanding the main folder.


Additional sub-folders can be created within that sub-folder, and so on, depending on how the district would like to organize its files.


Drag and drop functionality is also available - just drag a folder to another folder to create a sub folder.



Files can now be uploaded to the folders through the Add District Resource option.

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