User Roles and Permissions


Editing a user account allows authorized individuals to add or update the roles/permissions associated with a user's profile. For administrators new to the site, please review the various system roles/permissions and associated capabilities further down this page prior to assigning roles to a user.

Required Role: District User Admin or Campus User Admin

Site Access: System Management > Account Administration


In the Account Administration section within System Management, select the Edit Users option (default landing page).

main navigation menu on account administration page


Use the appropriate filters to find the user account(s) to be updated. 

key word search bar and select a building drop down filter menu


To edit a user account, click the Options button to the right of the account and select Edit.

search results section of account administration page with the options button highlighted and an arrow pointing to the edit option


All users have the default roles of User and ePlanner. To provide the user with additional Roles and Permissions, simply click the checkbox in front of the desired role(s). Click Save to make the changes take effect.

user roles and permissions section displaying all possible user roles with a check box next to each one



There are several roles and access levels available in the TEKS Resource System.  At each level, a Basic User role exists, with the capability to add additional roles and permissions. (These include roles such as User Administrator, Content Creator, and Content Administrator).  These additional roles and permissions will always be in addition to the Basic User rights.  See the chart below for an overall visual of the user role structure, please refer to the attached matrix for details associated with each role. For a larger view, download the PDF at the bottom of this page. 


web map of account roles and permissions for district and campus admins and basic users 


detailed breakdown of district user admin, district content admin, and district content creator capabilities


detailed breakdown of campus user admin, campus content admin, and campus content creator capabilities

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