Bulk Upload/Bulk Update - General Info. & Tips

SITE ACCESS: System Management > Account Administration > Bulk Upload and Bulk Update

  1. Only District User Admins have access to Bulk Upload and Bulk Update However, Campus User Admins may still create individual accounts using Add User section and edit accounts in Edit Users section.


  1. If a district wants Campus User Admins accessing Bulk Upload and Bulk Update, the District User Admin role can be assigned to them, but be aware of the following:
    1. Bulk Upload > Campus Admin must know Employee IDs for all individuals being added/edited
    2. Bulk Upload > Campus Admin will have access to ALL user accounts across entire district
    3. Bulk Update > Campus Admin must know Employee IDs for all users across entire district (if they only upload users from their own campus, everyone else in district will get disabled)


  1. Districts integrated with ClassLink or CLEVER should NEVER perform a Bulk Upload or Bulk Update.


  1. Bulk Upload (Create/Edit) generates new users and/or brings existing user account information up to date.


  1. Bulk Update (User Status) allows for updating user statuses district-wide. To avoid pinpointing old user accounts in the system, simply include ALL ACTIVE (current) employees in Update User Status Template and TRS will deactivate any accounts absent from the list (disables by omission). Accounts without Employee IDs will also be deactivated.


  1. Always perform a Bulk Upload PRIOR to a Bulk Update in order to ensure that all current accounts have an Employee ID.


  1. Perform both Create/Edit and Update Status uploads periodically throughout the school year to:
    1. Add new hires
    2. Keep all users up to date and assigned to proper campuses
    3. Ensure only current employees have access


  1. The new Employee ID should be whatever value (can be alphanumeric) the district assigns to its employees, and can be copied directly from district’s personnel management system.
    1. Employee ID must be unique to each user
    2. Employee ID is not necessary for Create/Edit upload, but is required to use Update Status tool
    3. Addition of Employee IDs ensures users with new names/email addresses get updated accordingly


  1. Prior to performing a Create/Edit upload, double-check spreadsheet to be certain Employee IDs match correct users (first name, last name, email).


  1. If an incorrect Employee ID is assigned to an account during creation, a District User Admin can manually resolve this in Edit Users.


  1. For Create/Edit Users Template, campus names must be entered into Organization/Campus Name column EXACTLY as they appear in TRS (case-sensitive). Download Campus Names List on Bulk Upload page as a reference guide.
    1. If campus name in spreadsheet does not match TRS, system will report a failed import and individuals associated with that campus won’t be created (or edited)
    2. If a campus needs to be updated, or is missing from the list, contact your Education Service Center
    3. District User Admins can paste campus names from district’s employee personnel files into spreadsheet and then use Campus Names List to perform a “Find and Replace”


  1. Roles are now assigned to accounts exclusively through Edit Users section on an individual basis.


  1. When districts first perform a Create/Update upload, TRS will create brand new accounts for existing users with outdated email addresses (making for duplicate accounts). Then, when districts perform the first Update Status upload, the “old” accounts with outdated email addresses will be deactivated. To avoid this, District User Admins can manually locate accounts with improper email addresses (in Edit Users section) and correct these instances prior to performing any uploads. If an upload has already been performed, Admins can do the following:

After a Create/Edit upload:

      1. Visit Edit Users section
      2. Locate duplicate accounts for an individual by searching for first and last name
      3. Swap account information and Employee ID
      4. Disable the newer of the two accounts

After an Update Status upload:

        1. Visit Edit Users section
        2. Uncheck “Hide Disabled Users” box
        3. Locate duplicate accounts for an individual by searching for first and last name
        4. Re-enable deactivated account with individual’s outdated email address
        5. Swap account information and Employee ID
        6. Disable the newer of the two accounts

Or, contact TEKS Resource System Tech Support for assistance.

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