Search for User Accounts

Authorized individuals can search for specific user accounts using the filters available on the Edit Users page.

REQUIRED ROLE: District User Admin or Campus User Admin

SITE ACCESS: System Management > Account Administration > Edit Users


When accessing the Account Administration section, you will automatically land on the Edit Users page.

main navigation menu at the top of the account administration page with an outline around the edit users option


Here, search filters are provided, along with a list of users who are associated with your district and any of its campuses.

the edit users search filters and search results section


To find a specific user account, enter the Name or Email Address for that individual into the Keyword Search field. Click the magnifying glass icon to perform the search.

the keyword search field with an arrow pointing to the magnifying glass icon


You can filter your search or view users associated with a particular campus by using the Select a Building drop-down.

the select a building drop down filter showing sample campuses

NOTE: You are not required to filter by campus. You can simply enter the desired user's name or email address and perform the search. Alternatively, you can view all users within a campus by leaving the keyword field blank and just selecting the desired campus before executing the search.


Below the campus/building drop-down menus, there are two additional search filters: Only Show [Organization Name] Accounts and Hide Disabled Users.

user search filter section displaying the additional filter check boxes to unhide disabled accounts or only show accounts for the selected organization

  • Only Show [Organization Name] Accounts allows you to see the users at that particular Organization (district or campus level).
    • For example, selecting this filter will yield the users whose organization is identified as "NFL ISD." A teacher who is associated with the High School campus will not appear in these results. However, if this filter is not selected, the results will include users across the entire district and all of its campuses.
  • Hide Disabled Users allows you to filter your results to hide user accounts that have previously been disabled. Unchecking this box and performing a search will show both enabled and disabled users in the results.

NOTE: If you use a last name or email address, all results will be included in your search results, including both enabled and disabled accounts matching the search criteria.


Once you have selected the filters you would like to use, click the Search button.

user search filter section with an arrow pointing to the search button


The results list will return records based on the selected search filters.

the user search results list showing a sample user


If you are looking to update or alter a user's account, please see the Edit a User Account support guide.

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