Update User's Name or Email Address

If a user has changed his/her name or email address, the user account can be updated by an authorized system administrator.

REQUIRED ROLE: District User Admin or Campus User Admin

SITE ACCESS: System Management > Account Administration > Edit Users


When accessing the Account Administration section, you will automatically land on the Edit Users page.

main navigation menu at the top of the account administration page with an outline around the edit users option


On the Edit Users page, locate the desired user account, click Options, and select Edit.

the user search results section with an expanded options menu and an arrow pointing to the edit option for a sample user account


Update the user's First Name, Last Name, or Email Address in the entry fields provided.

the edit account section showing the first name, last name, and email address entry fields


After updating any of the areas outlined above, click the Save button to perform the changes and return to the Edit Users page.

the edit account section with an arrow pointing to the save button in the upper right corner

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