Manage Custom IFDs & YAGs

After creating customized Instructional Focus Documents (IFDs) and Year at a Glance documents (YAGs), users can manage these items through the My Content page (this section may be restricted by the district).

In addition to search filters being provided, there are a number of options available that allow users to modify, print, or share custom content.

SITE ACCESS: Tools > My Content > My IFDs or My YAGs


Click on the Tools drop-down in the site’s main navigation menu, and select the My Content option.

opened tools navigation menu with an arrow pointing to the my content option


My Plans is the default landing page for the My Content section. To select a different option, click My IFDs or My YAGs

my content navigation menu bar


On the My IFDs or My YAGs/YCTs landing page, the search filters appear near the top.  

the top of the my yags and my instructional focus documents pages showing the available grade, subject, course, and keyword search filters

The list of customized content (YAGs or IFDs) is displayed further down the page, along with a set of options for each one that provides a variety of features to help manage your content.

the my content results list with an arrow pointing to the options column of a sample yag


In addition, the My YAGs/YCTs landing page offers the option to select 6-Week or 9-Week YAGs.

the top of the my yags page showing the change view drop down menu with an arrow pointing to the 9 week view option


Users can select a Grade Level, Subject Area, Course, or Course Version to narrow the search. There is also a Keyword Search field provided, allowing users to type in a specific word or phrase from the IFD or YAG title to help further narrow the search.

the top of the my yags page showing the keyword, grade, and course search filters


Click the filter and select the desired option(s) from the drop-down menu. Multiple options may be selected for each filter.

the opened grade level drop down filter with an arrow pointing to the grade 1 option


The Show Archived option filters for currently archived IFDs or YAGs (see Options section below), which are hidden from the general search but can be retrieved using this filter.

the top of the my yags page with an arrow pointing to the show archived filter and associated check box in the search area


Within the list view (search results) of My IFDs or My YAGs, the most commonly utilized functions are provided in each item row (to the right of the Options button).

an arrow pointing to the preview, edit, and p d f hyperlinked options under the options column for a sample yag in the results section

  • Preview – displays the content for viewing purposes only
  • Edit – allows users to make changes to any part of the content
  • PDF – creates a PDF (downloadable/printable) version of the content

Click the Options button in a given IFD or YAG row for an additional list of available actions.

the opened options menu associated with a sample yag that shows the copy, add to my favorites, add to district, collaborate, archive, and delete options

  • Copy – allows user to make an editable copy of the item (content)
  • Add to My Favorites – allows user to add a link to the content in one of the My Favorites folders, within the Tools section
  • Add to District (Content Admins only) – allows Content Admin to add the item to the district repository (District Content section of System Management)
  • Collaborate – allows user to share the editing privileges of an item with other members of his/her campus or district. Collaborated items are shared equally by all collaborating members, so if one member deletes the item it will be deleted for all other members
  • Archive - removes the content from view, and stores in the system for later use (search filter provided)
  • Delete – deletes the record from TEKS Resource System (please note that this action CANNOT be undone)

NOTE: Once an item has been archived, it will be hidden from the general search. However, use the Show Archived filter to view any previously archived items, which will be shaded in a solid color and state "Archived" under the Status column).

the my yags search results list with an arrow pointing to the archived status of a sample yag

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