Create My Version of TEKS RS and District IFDs or YAGs

If turned ON by the district, this feature provides users with the ability to create customized versions of TEKS RS or district-created Instructional Focus Document (IFD) and Year at a Glance (YAG) components within TEKS Resource System.

SITE ACCESS: TEKS Resource System Components > Curriculum Quick Search, or Search All Components


Through the Curriculum Quick Search or Search All Components page, locate and preview a YAG or IFD. Please note that district content is only located on the Search All Components page. For assistance utilizing these pages, please see the respective Curriculum Quick Search and Search All Components support library pages.

results list on the search all components page with an arrow pointing to the hyperlinked instructional focus document title

results list on the curriculum quick search page with an arrow pointing to the hyperlinked year at a glance title


When viewing the dynamic version of an IFD or YAG, click the Create My Version button at the top of the page.

the top of a sample instrucitonal focus document page with an arrow pointing to the create my version button

NOTE: If you do not see this button, it means this feature has not been turned on by your district. Please contact your District Administrator for further information. 


After clicking the Create My Version button, the system automatically appends the username to the title, designating it as 'yours'. However, the entire title can be modified. 

the top of the newly created custom version of a sample yag with an arrow pointing to the appended portion of the document title


Make your desired changes to any section(s) the IFD or YAG and click the Save button. 

the top of a sample i f d with an arrow pointing to the save button


After saving the customized version, it will then be housed on your My IFDs or My YAGs page (under My TEKS RS Content), respectively.

the top of the my teks r s content section showing the navigation buttons with an arrow pointing to the my instructional focus documents button


From here, you can Preview, Edit, or create a printable PDF of the YAG or IFD by clicking the appropriate link that is associated with the given component in the list area.

the results section of the instructional focus documents page showing the list with a sample i f d

the list of options associated with a given i f d and an arrow pointing to the preview, edit, and p d f options

Additional options are located under the Options button menu, including Copy, Add to My Favorites, Submit for Review (if district has this turned on), Collaborate (if district has this turned on), Add to District (available to admins only), Archive, and Delete. Please see the respective support guides for additional information about any of these features.

the opened options button menu, including copy, add to my favorites, submit for review, collaborate, add to district, archive, and delete


You can also add this component to a Calendar, using the Add My Content button when editing a Calendar.

a list of the calendar options with an outline around the add my content option  

the select content window with an outline around the my i f ds filter option and an arrow pointing to the add button

a sample calendar view with an arrow pointing to the hyperlinked i f d title

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