ELAR/SLAR Template: Lesson Preparation

As part of completing the ELAR/SLAR template, users can enter information regarding prerequisites for teaching the lesson. This is done in the Lesson Preparation section of the template.

SITE ACCESS: Tools > My Content > My Plans


Click on the Tools drop-down in the site’s main navigation menu, and select the My Content option. My Plans is the default landing page for the My Content section. 



Find the desired existing ELAR/SLAR plan, click the Options button, and select Edit.


Scroll to the Lesson Preparation section and click the Edit button.


Enter the lesson number (for the unit) and select all applicable focus areas for that lesson  by using the checkbox controls (checked = appears in table, unchecked = does not appear in table).

In this example, the balanced literacy plan for the Lesson 1 of the unit will contain Word Study, Shared Reading, Independent Reading, and Writing learning activities over multiple days.

NOTE: each day of instruction may contain different focus areas, and users will identify these in the Instructional Routines section of the template.


After selecting the applicable focus areas for the lesson, the columns are displayed in the Lesson Preparation table.



To align TEKS specific to each area of the plan, click the cell area in the TEKS row for the column and then click the Manage Alignments button to enable the standards alignment tool

Snip20130402_112.png    Snip20130402_113


Add information to the remaining cells in the table by clicking on the cell to enable the text edit tool. You can type OR copy/paste information into this box - standard editing tools are available on the toolbar.


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