District-Created Assessment Access

In the Assessment Access section of System Management, District Content Administrators can manage the ability for users to view and/or create customized versions of district-created assessments.

REQUIRED ROLE: District Content Admin

SITE ACCESS: System Management > TEKS RS Assessment Access > Assessment Settings


On the Assessment Access Management page, select the Assessment Settings tab.  

top of TEKS RS assessment access management page with an arrow pointing to the assessment settings tab


Modifying the controls within the District Assessment Settings table will enact the changes for all subsequent campuses. To create a unique setup for a particular campus, locate its Assessment Settings table on the page and modify the desired settings.



In order to allow users throughout the district to view and access assessments created and published by the district, turn the feature ON by checking the Viewable box for the District-Created Assessments category. To keep district-created assessments hidden from users' view, turn Viewable OFF by unchecking the box.



The Create My Version setting controls whether or not basic users within the district are able to create individually customized versions of district-created assessments. Note that the Viewable box must be checked for District-Created Assessments in order to turn Create My Version ON. 


If the Create My Version feature is ON, a Create My Version button will appear for individual users at the top of the district-created assessment on the District Assessments page of the Assessment Center. Custom content created through the Create My Version feature is only visible to the user that generates it. 


If the Create My Version feature is turned OFF by unchecking the box(es), the Create My Version button will be hidden from view on district-created assessments for basic users. Therefore, users will be prevented from being able to create customized versions of the district-created assessments.



As revisions are made in the TCMPC item bank, the assessment items on correlating District-Created Assessments will automatically be updated in the system through the Auto Publish feature. This setting is turned ON, by default, to allow for nightly updates to TCMPC assessment items.


To opt out of this feature, you can turn the Auto Publish setting OFF by unchecking the box. This means that you will need to manually publish your district assessments through the Publish to live site? setting on the Search/Edit District Assessments page in the District Assessment Center (within District Content section).



For information regarding the Restricted feature, please see the separate Managing Restrictions to District-Created Assessments support guide.

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