Assessment Item Restrictions

REQUIRED ROLE: District Content Admin

SITE ACCESS: System Management > Assessment Access > Assessment Item Settings

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Assessment Item Access > Restricted (by Grade/Subject)


There are three options for assessment item access: 

  • Viewable—All users within the organization, regardless of grade level, subject, or course designations can view all available assessment items within the Assessment Center.
  • Viewable with Restrictions—The grade level(s), subject area(s), and/or courses assigned to user profiles will dictate which assessment items are visible. Users will only be able to view assessment items that correspond to their designated grade level(s), subject area(s), and/or courses.
  • OFF—Assessment items are not visible to any user within the organization.


On the Assessment Access Management page, select the Assessment Item Settings tab.  

top of TEKS RS assessment access management page with an arrow pointing to the assessment item settings tab


All assessment items are available to users in a district when all four of the Viewable settings on the Assessment Access page are turned ON. To limit assessment item access by the grade(s), subject(s), and/or course(s) identified in users’ profiles, click the Restricted checkbox.



Click the Access Management Spreadsheet link to download your organization’s latest user spreadsheet in order to determine which assessment items each user should be able to access. You may make changes to the spreadsheet (select True or False) and upload it using the Upload Spreadsheet button to update the user profile settings.



To grant a user access to the appropriate Grade Level, Subject, and/or Course, click the cell of the spreadsheet to enable the drop-down selection for TRUE or FALSE:

Select TRUE if you would like to grant access for the grade, subject, or course listed.

Select FALSE if you do not want the user to have access.


  • For grades K-8, please select the appropriate grade levels and the appropriate subject areas (selecting only a grade level will not provide access to any assessment items).
  • For high school courses, please scroll right to select the appropriate course titles.
  • To provide a user with access to all assessment items for a particular subject area, simply click True on the appropriate subject area.


Once you have finished making modifications, click Save to save the spreadsheet to your computer.  

Click the Upload Spreadsheet button.



Select your file and click the Upload File button.



After the upload has been successfully completed, click the 'X' to close the window. 



Once restrictions have been activated (see additional instructions below), the user(s) will only have access to the Grade Level(s), Subject(s), and/or Course(s) that were marked as TRUE in the uploaded spreadsheet.  


Alternatively, you may update user accounts individually through the Edit Users section in Account Administration. For further information, please see the separate Edit A User Account support guide.

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