Assessment "Submit for Review" Settings

In the Assessment Access section of System Management, District Content Administrators are able to manage users' ability to submit customized assessments to District Content Admins for review. When access is granted, Admins can either provide feedback to users and/or add copies of the assessments to the District Assessments section to publish them for all district users to access and view. Altering the controls within the District Assessment Settings table will automatically update all of the subsequent campuses, though District Admins may still customize each campus (if desired).

REQUIRED ROLE: District Content Admin

SITE ACCESS: System Management > TEKS RS Assessment Access > Assessment Settings

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Manage Assessment "Submit for Review" Settings


For guidance on the submission process itself, please see the following support guides:

- Submitting Assessments for Review (User)

- Reviewing Submitted Assessments (District Content Admin)


On the TEKS RS Assessment Access Management page, select the Assessment Settings tab.  

top of TEKS RS assessment access management page with an arrow pointing to the assessment settings tab


In the District Assessment Settings table, a checked box means the associated category is turned ON, while an unchecked box means it is turned OFF.

For brand new districts, Submit for Review is set to OFF as the default for My (Teacher) Assessments.




To turn the Submit for Review feature ON, check the associated box.



After doing so, the Submit for Review option will appear for individual users in the Options drop-down associated with each assessment located on the My Assessments page within the Assessment Center.




If Submit for Review is turned OFF by unchecking the box, the Submit for Review option will be hidden from users' view in the Options drop-down associated with each user assessment. Therefore, users will be prevented from submitting any future assessments for review.

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