Create An Assessment Item: Overview

Users have the capability to create their own assessment items either as part of an existing assessment, or independently. These items are housed in the My Created Items bank, and they are only accessible to the user that created them.

SITE ACCESS: TEKS Resource System Components > Assessment Center > Create an Assessment Item


1.) Create an Assessment Item (overview) 

2.) Create a Basic Assessment Item (start to finish) 


Select the Create option in the Assessment Items section of the Assessment Center landing page.



The assessment item creation process is broken into four separate sections, General Information, Alignment, Content, and Complete. The progress bar at the top of the page indicates which section you are currently working on. You must complete the required fields within a section before the next section will become visible/accessible. You must complete each required field within a section before the next field will be displayed.



Be sure to save your progress periodically throughout the item creation process by clicking the Save button at the top of the page.



As you scroll down the page, a bar will remain along the top of your screen for easy access to the progress bar and buttons. To jump to the top of the page, click Return to top.



To return to the Assessment Center landing page at any time, click the Return to Assessment Center button (your progress on the page will automatically be saved).



See the Create An Assessment Item: General Information support guide for the next set of steps.

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