Create An Assessment Item: Content > Multiple-Choice

SITE ACCESS: TEKS Resource System Components > Assessment Center > Create an Assessment Item > Item Type: Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, or Inline Choice > Content Section

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Multiple Choice Response Options


After selecting either the Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, or Inline Choice Item Type (and completing remainder of General Information and Alignment sections), the Content section will become accessible.



Enter your Question/Stem into the text box provided. For guidance on how to utilize the text box functionality, please see the “Text Boxes” Help section.



In the Response Options section, there are four total default answer choice options (Option A/F  through Option D/J, corresponding to the assessment lettering options). You may change the number of answer choice options.



Enter your multiple choice, multiple select, or inline choice answer options in the boxes provided.



If you wish to enter a Rationale (optional) for why each answer choice option is correct or incorrect, enter the explanation in the boxes provided. The Rationale will only be displayed on the assessment answer key and is not visible to students.



Click the Correct Option checkbox next to the appropriate option. This will then be designated on the assessment answer key.



To generate an additional option, click the Add New Option button at the bottom of the Response Options section. Each time the button is clicked, a new option will be added.



If you wish to remove an option, click the Delete this Option button. Deleting a middle option will automatically adjust the order of the remaining options. Please note that any option boxes that do not have content/text entered into them will not display on the preview or assessment.



See the Create An Assessment Item: Complete support guide for the next set of steps.

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