Create An Assessment Item: Content > Item Asset

An Item Asset is an element such as a reading passage, image, or diagram that is accompanied by a related item or items (questions pertaining to the asset). 

SITE ACCESS: TEKS Resource System Components > Assessment Center > Create an Assessment Item > Item Asset > Content


After selecting Item Asset under Item Format and completing the remainder of the General Information and Alignment sections, the Content section will become accessible.



Enter the Item Asset information (reading passage, image, diagram, etc.) into the text box provided. For guidance on how to utilize the text box functionality, please see the “Text Boxes” Help section.



To link an existing item(s) to an item asset, click the expandable Item to Item Asset Relationship bar at the bottom of the Content section.



For a description of how this section operates, click the ‘i’ (information) icon next to the Item to Item Asset Relationship heading.



Perform a generic search for the desired item you would like to link to the item asset by clicking the Search button.



For a more specific search, type in any Keyword(s) or item title related to the desired item(s) you wish to locate. Click the Search button.



Click the Add button to create the link between the item asset you are creating and the existing assessment item. Once aligned, the item asset will always appear with this item (in the search results and on an assessment). An item asset can be aligned to multiple assessment items. To do so, click the Add button next to the other desired items.



The related item(s) will now be displayed at the top of the section. If you wish to delete the relationship, click the Remove Asset button.


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