Create An Assessment Item: Alignment

SITE ACCESS: TEKS Resource System Components > Assessment Center > Create an Assessment Item > Alignment

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Assessment Item Standards Alignment


Each assessment item must be aligned to at least one standard. In the Alignment section, select the desired Standard Set from the drop-down bar. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills will always be the default standard set.


Click the Search button to perform your standards search.



For a more specific search, type in any Keyword(s) related to the desired standard(s) you wish to locate. Click the Search button.



The standards that display directly depend on the grade/subject/course you already selected. To view more standards than what is shown, click the paging buttons above the table.



To select an Alignment Type (optional) for a desired standard, click the drop-down bar and choose Primary TEKS Alignment or Secondary TEKS Alignment. For an explanation of the Alignment Type, click the ‘i’ (information) icon in the column heading.



Click the Add button to make the standard selection.



Your selected standard will now appear at the top of the Standards section. If you wish to delete the alignment, click the Remove button under the Options column.



To add more standards, click the Add button next to each one.



If you need to align the assessment item to standards other than those that correspond with grade/subject/course that you previously selected, click the expandable Add Additional Standards bar.



Select the desired Grade Level and Subject Area, and click the Search button.



For a more specific search, type any Keyword(s) into the appropriate field (optional) that relates to the desired standard(s) you wish to locate. Click the Search button.



Select the Alignment Type (if applicable), and then click the Add button.



See the Create an Assessment Item: Content Overview support guide for the next set of steps.

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