Create An Assessment Item: Content > Adding Images

SITE ACCESS: TEKS Resource System Components > Assessment Center > Create an Assessment Item > Content

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Adding Images to Assessment Items 


In the Content section, the text boxes provided have a toolbar offering many features, including inserting images.



To add an image to a text box, click the Add From My Favorites icon in the toolbar.



Select the desired Favorites folder, check the box next to the image you wish to insert, and click the Insert Selected button.



To add a new image to My Favorites, click the Folder Options button and select Add Files.



Click the Choose Files button to locate the image on your computer and select it.



Click the Upload button to add the image to My Favorites.



Once the file has been uploaded, check the box next to the newly added image and click the Insert Selected button. Once the image has been added, it can be resized and re-positioned as needed.



Alternatively, you may add an online image by clicking the Insert/Edit Image icon in the toolbar. Before using this feature, be sure to capture the URL for the image location. This can be done by right-clicking the image (from the webpage), and selecting the option that copies the image's URL (address/location).



While editing or adding text for the assessment item, position the cursor where the image should be inserted and click the Insert/Edit Image option in the toolbar.



When the Insert/Edit Image pop-up appears, paste the image URL into the first field. If desired, add an Image Description in the second field. Click Insert to add the image to the text box.


NOTE: if no Image Description is given, the system will display a warning message. Click OK to continue to add the image, or Cancel to go back and add an Image Description.



Once the image has been added, it can be resized and re-positioned as needed.



See the Create an Assessment Item: Content > Text Box Toolbar support guide for other ways to customize your Content entries.

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