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As a District Administrator, Campus Administrator, or Principal, you may often be asked to respond to the technical needs of your staff within the TEKS Resource System. This may include solving basic user account issues, using some of the online tools provided, as well as making decisions that affect the content your staff can access within the system.

Assisting with some of these technical needs requires specific roles be assigned to your user account. For instance...

  • to manage user accounts at your campus, you must have the Campus User Admin role
  • to manage user accounts throughout the district, you must have the District User Admin role
  • to manage users' access to content, you must have the District Content Admin role
  • to add or edit custom district content, you must have the District Content Creator role
  • to publish district content for all district users to view, you must have the District Content Admin role
  • to review teacher plans/planbooks, you must have the Principal role
  • to generate a walkthrough form for classroom observation of members of your staff you must have the Principal role


ATTENTION: Administrators and Principals

These roles are established by the District Administrator and can be easily added to your user account if they are not already assigned.

Read through the User Roles and Permissions section to learn more about the permissions granted for different users of the system. Consult your District Administrator to be sure you have the appropriate roles set up on your user account.


Getting Started...

New to the TEKS Resource System? Be sure to review the information here to point you in the right direction.

Email Whitelist (to allow receipt of system-generated emails - VERY IMPORTANT!!)

System Requirements for your computer

Disable Pop-up Blockers

Log in

Change your user profile


Basic Features...

Need to know how to find, save, and use instructional resources? Here are some frequently accessed tools available to all users of the system.

Locate and view Curriculum & Resource materials

Locate and view Assessment items

Submit feedback to Content Coordinators


User Account Administration...

Have new teachers in your district or at your campus? Want teachers to access specific unit assessment items only? This section explains how to add, edit, or manage user accounts and grant unit assessment item access by grade level, subject area, or course.

Add, edit, and manage user accounts for your district or campus

Establish grade level, subject, and course restrictions for assessment items

Review user requests for account profile updates


Content Administration...

Need to give teachers the capability to create customized versions of TEKS RS components or access assessment items? With a simple 'flip of the switch', you can turn these settings ON or OFF.

Turn access ON/OFF for customized content

Turn access ON/OFF for assessment items


Plan and Calendar Review...

Want to stay on top of your teachers' lesson planning or view their planbooks? This tool allows you to review lessons and calendars, and provide comments as necessary.

Review teacher lessons and planbooks


Walkthrough Forms...

Planning on observing one of your teachers execute a lesson plan with his/her students? This tool generates the form to monitor curriculum requirements during an observation and help develop an action plan for professional development.

Generate a walkthrough form for classroom observation



Interested in knowing how many plans teachers have created or how many times your staff has logged into the system? There's a report for that!

User Login Report

Design Templates (Teacher Plans) Report

Calendar (Teacher Planbooks) Report


District-level Administration...

If you are a Campus-level Administrator, you may need someone with superpowers to set something up. Here are some issues that may require the attention of a District-level administrator.

Enable the District Resources features

Turn access ON/OFF for customized content

Turn access ON/OFF for assessment items

Create district assessments

Create district versions of TEKS RS components

Add district resources (files) and make them available to users

Enable the website builder tool for users


Please be sure to visit the Video Tutorials section of the Support Library for visual instruction on performing additional functions!

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